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Infinity Travels sprouted in early 2018 while Ben and Tom were driving into work from the supermarket. They had a vision to stop working the nine to five and create a travel company that would take people all over the globe. After months of planning in New Zealand, everything started to fall into place. Paulo contacted them and also had the same vision of creating a company that will show off his beautiful country while giving him financial freedom to travel and share the experience with fellow travelers. Whilst backpacking in Bogota at the time, they were introduced to Max through a mutual friend and with his previous adventure tour leader experience meshed with the team to put logistics into play. Since Infinity Travels was created by backpackers for backpackers, we utilized the new aged, digital company approach to keep the travel touch and to stay involved with the tours as much as possible. Travel is the one thing that brought us together. We found that traditional occupations can make you think outside the box and can lead to beautiful things. Join us in exploring this beautiful country known as Colombia!